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Jonathan Snook

Independent web designer, developer, writer, speaker. Wrote SMACSS. Formerly at Xero, Shopify, and Yahoo!.

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Feels dated, and it probably is. But as Jonathan mentioned himself, 'site that is often in a state of flux'. Changing, growing, morphing itself. It's like the world wide web.


Bad [Negative] Cop

Snappy, fast personal website. Colour scheme makes it feel warm & natural.


Good [Positive] Cop
  • Amortentia [ Art Direction ]

    Overall feel of the site. Emotions, message, composition. It is how well can we define our gut feeling when using the website.

  • Pepperup Potion [ Performance ]

    Important topic & issue. We are currently focused on load times & sizes. Yet not overlooking scrolling & animations.

  • Draught of Peace [ A11y ]

    Our 'expert' is on a holiday in California. Shitty reason, but thats why we are only covering the basics.

  • Felix Felicis [ Progressiveness ]

    Progressive web app'y things. Offline support, service workers, push notifications and other fancy wizardry stuff.

  • Wolfsbane [ Editorial ]

    Subjective opinion from the Editor.

Important notice.

It is really difficult to judge web design. We consider every picked website very good if not often great. Rating system is made to set perspective among the sites you'll find here. Also, to have some fun & practise. Don't take it too seriously.

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